We are a paint factory specialized in decorative, industrial and architectural coatings. We produce coatings for all  interior and exterior surfaces: walls, floors, roofs, concrete, wood, metal, automotive and ships.
The Start...
Establishment of Maurice Hassoun Trading & Distribution Est.
BMA Paints!
Establishment of BMA Paints Commercial & Industrial s.a.r.l.

We started producing solvent based paints, thinner solvent and epoxy.

BMA Paints began manufacturing under Coverplast license. During all these years, BMA Paints has been totally respecting the Italian formulas and the technical procedures.
Milesi: Wood Coatings
BMA Paints became the Milesi agent in Lebanon, Kuwait and Syria.

Milesi is an Italian brand of the IVM Group, one of the largest and influential wood coatings manufacturers in Europe and in the world.
BMA Paints all over the World!
The Company started to export its products outside the Lebanese territory.
Water based paints
BMA Paints cares for the environment! This is why BMA Paints started producing water based paints, a type of paints that can be thinned with water itself instead of harmful solvents in order to reduce the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). 
A new brand of BMA water based paints!
COLSAR, a new BMA Italian brand for solvent and water based paints!

BMA Paints became the PULVER agent in Lebanon, a Turkish brand.

Pulver Kimya operates in the powder coating industry since 1988.

The product range is consisted of 4 segments; architecture, automotive, white appliances, and general industry powder coatings.

Our R&D Department seeks continuous innovation...
We always seek for more to satisfy our customers... Wait for our new products!
To continuously satisfy BMA Paints’ stakeholders by its limitless innovation and its sustainable solutions in order to become the leading paints industry in the Middle East Region.
To provide all types of paints and coatings that meet approved quality standards in order to color, cover and protect architectural, wood, transportation and industrial materials all over the Middle East Region and Africa.
BMA Paints is a Lebanese-based and family-owned paint industry since 1980. BMA Paints mission is to provide all types of paints products: decorative, industrial and architectural coatings.
BMA Paints seeks to provide these services in a timely manner and with an efficient Quality and Occupational Health and Safety program to provide 100% customer satisfaction.
Each and every BMA Paints employee is involved and dedicated to achieving high quality standards for our interested parties through the application of BMA Paints QHS Management System.
To sustainably create value, to effectively and efficiently build customer trust and satisfaction, to identify and control the health and safety risks at our premises, to reduce the potential for accidents, to comply with legislation and to improve operational performance, BMA Paints commitment is to:
Manage the QHS system effectively by developing, implementing and maintaining a best practice, process oriented, integrated management system and develop annual and long term objectives to achieve continuous improvement.
Document, implement and maintain this QHS policy and ensure that it meets all BMA Paints quality, health and safety objectives.
Verify full compliance with relevant laws and regulations, international standards ISO 9001:2015 and OHSAS 18001:2007 as well as BMA Paints internal requirements, policies and principles.
Conduct our businesses without compromising the health and safety of people, whether employees, customers, contractors or visitors in order to achieve zero work accident.
Communicate the QHS policy to all persons who work under the control of BMA Paints and to new employees during their orientation training session and is posted at conspicuous locations throughout the facility and on BMA Paints website. 
Encourage participation and promotion of quality, health and safety responsibilities amongst all employees through standards, education, training and coaching, supervision and effective communication.
Engage everybody’s commitment across our complete value chain and at all levels of our organization to build BMA Paints Quality Culture.

BMA Paints shall review the policy statement at least once a year to ensure its continual suitability.